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Hey friends, I’m heading off to NYC again! (may already be on the airplane as you’re reading this.) It’s part work and part play and I’m bringing the Mr. with me this time (and leaving the kids behind with grandma), so I’m super excited to be on this trip! I can’t exactly spill the beans on what the “work” is, but rest assured I’ll be sharing snippets on my Instagram and lots more when I get back!

I just wanted to share with you my favorite magazine as of late. I love collecting special print publications and I just picked up the very first issue of Cherry Bombe (they’re based out of Brooklyn). It’s a magazine on women and food. The quality of the magazine is really nice and the content is very fresh! I’m excited to be flipping through this on the plane and catching up on my new reading material. I picked up my copy at Steven Alan but you can also pick up your copy here!

See you on the other side of the coast! xo