My First Holiday Cookie Party



This holiday, I’m starting all kinds of new family traditions. One of them is hosting my first ever holiday cookie party! I thought it would be really fun for Hayden, especially now that she loves working with her little hands. And thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond, I got lots of my baking needs and decor at their holiday shop! I must say, my spankin’ new Kitchen Aid mixer came in quite handy! Isn’t the pink so cute? I even told my husband that I don’t care if it’s too girly for our kitchen. I love it and it will make me bake more, haha! I don’t think he minds. :)


Since my counter space is super limited in my kitchen, my new Joseph Joseph nesting bowl set came in quite handy as well! This really helps save space while I prep, and the colors are so vibrant that it kind of serves as a holiday decor accent. Works for me, anyway. :)


This time, I actually made cookie batter from scratch. I know it’s not difficult, but I normally buy the ones from the box or pre-made batter, so to me, this is an achievement! I also spotted these Wilton holiday cookie pans and thought it would be easier to do than the traditional cookie cutters. I love that it makes mini size cookies! The pan came with a “sugar cookie” recipe, so I followed it to the T. It came out so delicious and it almost tasted like warm madeleines fresh out of the oven. So yummy!




I almost forgot to pick up the most important thing, these cookie & cupcake decorating set from Real Simple! It came with piping bags and different tips and literally adds icing to the cake… or in this case, my cookies.


I’m all about adding bubbles to the party! Just a little tray of my favorite sodas and champagne makes all the difference. In terms of holiday decoration, I’m pretty simple and often shy away with anything that screams holiday. Instead, I like to use colors and patterns that speaks the occasion. That way, it’s fitting for the holidays and I can still use the things I’ve purchased afterwards.


Now, let the cookie party begin! I’ve invited my sisters and a couple of my lady cousins to join the party. They’re all Hayden’s favorite aunties so I know for sure it will be a fun time for her. I even got my cousin /photographer Herman to capture all the action! It was truly a fun family affair!

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Hayden was so into decorating her cookies the whole time that it was hard to even get her to look up for a picture. That girl, gettin’ all serious these days, haha!


Got my little Hadley boo to join the party! I can’t wait till the day when she gets to sit down with us and decorate cookies too!


Monogram cookie – too cute and too pretty to eat! I did not realize that my girl cousins and sisters had such great cookie decorating skills! I was seriously amazed.

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Aren’t they all so gorgeous?! Let’s just say pretty smiley faces run in the Chan family. :) So blessed to have all these aunties for Hayden to look up to!


I really didn’t know how the party would turn out. I just thought if we have fun, that’s all it matters. Needless to say, my first holiday cookie party was a success! And I’m excited to continue this holiday tradition for years to come. Now that I’m fully equipped with baking essentials, I may just be decorating a few more cookies counting down to Christmas!

Happy holidays to you all and happy weekend! – Jeanne

This post is kindly sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond – a place to shop all your home needs and more. All opinions shared here are my own. Thank you so much for supporting my sponsor and allowing me to share this wonderful experience with you!

Photography by Herman Chan