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I am yet again closet envy! This may not be a walk-in closet or an entire dressing room I posted before, but Erica  from Moth Design sure knows a thing or two on how to make the most out of her space, and very beautiful too!

The first thing that caught my eyes was her gallery wall of luxury shopping bags. She framed these luxury bags we all love so much with Ikea frames and made a wonderful focal point out of it.  I know we (shopaholics) all have some pretty shopping bags stashed somewhere, so isn’t this the best way to feature them among our favorite things? I’m thinking, for a girl’s room, you can even use bags from like Juicy Couture – talk about branding your kids! 

I also love how organize everything looks and that everything has a home, even down to the perfume samples Erica collects for traveling! I’m kinda embarrass to say I keep mine in a ziplock. Whether it’s organizing the closet or embellishing a space out of shopping bags, I am inspired!

(Images via Moth Design)