Monday Mess…


monday mess la la lovely messy pile of jeans

Hey friends! How’s it goin’? Hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I sure had a lot fun with my little tyke. We did our first egg hunt over at the Golden Gate Park and rode our first carousel ride at the Yerba Buena Gardens…so joyful to watch the little one enjoy the simplest things in life!

Anyhoo, my Monday is a little messy today (no Sweet Things under $20, sorry!) However, I am guest posting for Trina over at La La Lovely. She started a new series called the “Monday Mess” and am quite thrilled to be a guest over there. I met Trina a few months back from the Alt Summit and had been admiring her lovely blog ever since. This mother of 4 (yes! so amazing!) has impeccable taste and I constantly find myself finding new discoveries through her. So, come on over and check out her new feature (and my mess, of course) as Trina introduces us a whole new way of looking at the perfectly imperfect!

  • Loved your post on la la lovely! She’s got great taste, I can’t believe she’s got 4 kids and has the time to put up such pretty posts. She’s been added to my bloglovin’ for sure! It’s always so fun getting introduced to new blogs. I always find there’s so much room for inspiration!

  • Fenny Setiawan

    Congrats for your guest post, I will sure check it out :)

  • Eli

    Ugh, I have a pile o everything right now back home. I hate our tiny victorian closets :(

  • I enjoyed seeing you over on LaLa Lovely and reading your guest post. You’re right, with kids you just have to embrace the mess sometimes. [Sigh…] You’re post reminded me that I’ve got a big ol’ pile in the garage right now and I need to call Salvation Army. ;)