The Perfect Picnic With Stay In the Lines


stay in the lines

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I finally got the chance to settle back from my trip… did 5 loads of laundry yesterday (yes, those piles add up when you’re traveling with a dude and a baby!)  Today, I’m going to catch up with all my emails as well as easing myself back into blogging. I’ve been spoiled the last week or so having talented guests blogging for me (which btw, I can totally get use to!), and today I will get spoiled one last time by Jaclyn Giuliano of Stay In The Lines.

She is another wonderful (and very sweet) lifestyle blogger who posts everything from her outfits, to recipes, to how-tos, to decorating, to design! I mean, talk about a well-rounded blog?! I especially love looking at her how-to’s on entertaining. She came up with this lovely round-up on throwing “The Perfect Picnic” and I thought this would be a brilliant inspiration for the 3-day Memorial day weekend coming up! Let’s see what goodies Jaclyn has round up for us!


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Jaclyn here from Stay in the Lines! I was so excited when Jeanne asked me to share a post for the Memorial day weekend coming up, so I figured the best thing to put together would be a summer picnic how-to. Even if you can’t jet away for a trip, the warm evenings and weekends approaching in the coming months are sure to provide the perfect end to a hectic day.

I’ve pulled together a handful of great items that replace the standard bag of chips, paper plates, and cold food by turning them in to a memorable outdoor picnic that can rival the best indoor gathering. Gourmet small bites that can be prepared ahead of time, a roll of colorful reusable napkins, and a retro speaker that elevates the music experience are a few of the touches I like to add to a special picnic. It may not be a fancy sit-down affair, but it is sure to be a meal that will make for an exceptional night with friends under the warm sun. 

Thank you so much for being here today, Jaclyn!