Magic Juice


Magic Juice

Wow, yesterday’s ballpark outing totally wiped me out. I came home and slept from 8pm – 8am, hahaha! It’s been a long time since I did that and now that my baby is sleeping through the night I’m finally able to get some uninterrupted zzzzzzz. Though when you sleep like that you tend to have the wackiest dreams… and I had a dream that my sister was dating Brody Jenner (from the Hills, hahaha!)… apparently my dream told me that Arvil Lavigne dumped him because he was a lazy ass…LOL! (Are they still together? Man, I need to catch up on my celebrity gossips!)

Anyways, I was hoping to post on the SF Decorator Showcase I went to last Friday, but I think I’m going to keep things light today and share that with you next week. :) I’ll be meeting a few friends for happy hour at Chaya later today… it’s not a new place or anything but believe it or not, I’ve never been. They specialize in Japanese/French cuisine and their HH is from 4pm – close, how awesome is that?? Have you been to Chaya? Did you like it?

I can’t wait to sip on some magic juice with my friends. Happy friday, everyone!

{image: renee kristine}