Interior Styling with Justina | Before & After


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A few weeks ago, I took an Interior Styling class on SkillShare taught by the wonderful Justina Blakeney. Some of you might know her as the “queen of the jungalow” from her amazing blog! I was so happy to have taken her course and learned the fundamental (yet super helpful) tips to styling… I mean, I was learning from one of the best!

During the course, our assignments were to style 5 key ares in our home – coffee table, sofa, console, bookcase, bed – take before & after photos and share it. Given the limited time I have these days because of my newborn, I was only able to style the coffee table and a little bit of my sofa (I have a huge sofa and need some time to shop for new cushions, so until then, I don’t really have much to show for.) BUT, one trick I did learn in this class (especially for photography) is to place things symmetrically. So I did just that with my cushions, and magazines, and that did wonders to my own little photoshoot!

As for the coffee table, I’ve been stuck on a real styling rut. Having a 2 year old toddler too really puts constrain on what you can/cannot have on the coffee table. Most of the time, Hayden is the boss and our coffee table is “decorated” with her toys (and that’s not a pretty sight at all!) So, what I needed is to keep my table fairly simple and style with things I can easily remove, while applying the tips I’ve learned from Justina.

So, here it is, I’m sharing my ‘before & after’ of my coffee table/sofa. I hope you like it! Would love to know what y’all think!

Before (as you can tell, it was pretty bare. i’m even a little embarrass to show you this, but we can’t always share the pretty stuff, right?!) 

before sofa Before_coffee table





(Remember when Glenda Bailey signed my copy of this book?) 





It’s pretty amazing what little changes can do, right?! Do you like it? Feel free to give me any feedbacks (positive or constructive) as I am trying to hone in on my styling skills! I would love to know if you have any styling tips as well. I’ll try my best to style the other key areas soon so I can share them with you too!

Photos by Shop Sweet Things.

source: sofa | rug | coffee table | tray | pillows | throw | vase | white pottery bowl | wall art – diy