Interior Styling :: White Box Challenge



Recently, interior maven and blogger, Reichel of Copy Cat Chic, asked me to participate in Joy & Revelry‘s White Box Challenge. I was gifted with this lovely Westwood Lamp and asked to style it in my home. If you’re not familiar with Joy & Revelry, they’re a new home decor site that offers beautiful products curated by top designers & tastemakers.

Since I’ve been wanting to add more lighting to my space, I thought I’d take up this challenge. And… since I’ve been wanting to restyle my console, I thought this was a good opportunity. Remember when I took Justina‘s interior course, “style your space like a pro”, and I did a little restyling of my living room? Well, I thought it’s time I work on my console in the dining room (also aka as my home office! haha!) 


console_restyle15   console_restyle3


The design and the lines of the Westwood Lamp is really clean, so it was really easy to style. It works almost in any room and the style is so versatile that it can really be as glamourous as you want or as modern chic as you please. I went with the more modern and playful route. Since this is also my creative space where I spend a lot of my time working and blogging, I wanted to have lots of fun colors and objects around me. I dressed it up with a lot of my favorite knick knacks and added some greenary to bring life into the space.



How do you think I did with this challenge? Do you approve? Thank you so much to Reichel for having me to be part of this challenge. I hope I made her proud!

Ok, ok… so I was debating whether or not to show you my picture “before” I styled the space. This was a few months ago before I took Justina’s class. As you can tell, it’s a little embarrassing! I didn’t quite know what to do with this space so I just threw on a few objects. It was definitely thoughtless and needed some TLC. So glad I’ve taken Justina’s course and got her tips on styling this key area in my home!


All images via Shop Sweet Things.

Source: Lamp c/o Joy & Revelry | Gold Pig Bookends | White Porcelain Bowl | White Planter | Pink Planter | Indigo Bud Vase | Safe Bamboo Radio | Classical Tray | Bird Tray | Plants