One Week To Paradise ~ Maui


Is it too early in the morning to think about my first family vacay to Maui next week?! Well, considering I haven’t had a real vacation in a while I don’t think it’s too early, right? My last vacay was in Vegas last year for a wedding and I was five months pregnant, so I didn’t really get to enjoy Vegas the way it should… though I did get to buy this cutest top from Barney’s, brunched at Bouchon, and had the most amazing spa experience at Mandarin Oriental – that one deserves a whole other post on its own– more on that later.

Anyways, I couldn’t help but to research all of these places my friends recommended me to go… am I glad I did because now I have a whole bunch of places I must, must, must try! Even though our trip hasn’t started yet, I already have this feeling that I don’t want my vacation to end (don’t you get that feeling too?) Ahh…Hawaii… you can’t come soon enough… thank goodness I lost all my pregnancy weight just in time to enjoy the beach and some sunshine :):):)

Here are some recommendations from my friends – they are the best!

(the Plantation House)

By the way, we did get this amazing deal from Orbitz and we’re staying at the Ritz. Can’t wait to get some room service too.

Do you have a favorite spot or to do in Maui? Let me know cause I’d love to check it out!