What I’m Thankful For…


goose & bear paper co thanksgiving card

sara yellow dress h&m polka dot girls dress georgio armani suit

clementine fruit bowl zhush

For those of you who know me, it’s obvious that I’m thankful to have my wonderful husband and beautiful baby in my life (that’s like everyday!) Besides my two loves, I am truly thankful for my parents, my sisters, my family and friends… and that most of them are in San Francisco so I never have to travel a mile to see them! :) 

This year, I have one more thing to be thankful for… and that’s YOU! It might sound cheesy but really, your support as a reader, as a blogging friend, and all the brands that I’ve worked with, really made this year very enjoyable for me. So thank YOU all so very much!

I wish you a wonderful and warm happy Thanksgiving ~ all from the bottom of my heart!

(Thanksgiving card c/o Goose & Bear Paper Co.)