Happy Holidays + Mini Break


holiday fireplace french by design

I think like the most of you, my mind has already checked out for the holidays. I’m looking forward to family time, holiday festivities, yummy food and time away from the computer! I’m taking a mini break from blogging for the next two weeks. I won’t be gone completely, but I will not be posting daily like I normally would – and expect my posts to be more visuals than words :)

If you want to know my whereabouts, I’m also on all of these social platforms. Feel free to add me and follow along. You might find me snapping shots around the city, doing outfit posing in front of the mirror, and selling clothes from my very own closet… all from my lovely iPhone (I didn’t say I was taking a break from my iPhone, did i? :) 

All of you have been so kind to me this year, and I really wish all of you a warm, toasty, and jolly holiday! Enjoy your time with your loved ones!

Cheers and XO,  Jeanne

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