Happy Friday & Fleet Week!


olivia palermo nautical cardigan black bow tie

It’s Friday and it’s fleet week, people! Are you San Franners ready to celebrate? Ready or not, those Blue Angels are gonna fly over your heads like it’s no tomorrow. Each year they put on such an amazing air show and even though that super loud roaring jet sound I’d normally be too scare to hear, I find it actually quite exciting during this time of the year.

Anyway, when I think about fleet week I naturally want to wear something nautical, something stripey. But this outfit from Oliver Palermo really grabbed me. It’s not all screaming with stripes (though I do love them) but it still speaks nautical to me. I love seeing the texture on the cardigan with the fine stripe trimming, the black satin bow up high on the collar, and how she balanced the whole look with basic black shorts. Very classy. Very preppy. I will definitely have to try to recreate this look myself! :)

I’d probably be heading down to North Beach this weekend to celebrate the fleet week. it’s usually where all the actions happen and best place to catch the air show. I’d probably be making a visit too to my grade school at Sts. Peter & Paul Church where they’re holding their 92nd annual Columbus Day Bazaar in the heart of North Beach (right across from the Washington Square park.) It’s not fancy or anything but I love that they still got the old-fashioned games … like the ones you toss a ping-pong ball in a fish bowl to win a gold fish…I’m kinda looking forward to winning one for baby H. I don’t think she minds having a little pet.

Hope ya’ll have some fun plans this weekend! I’ll be back next week to share with you one of my new favorite SF restaurants, and a pair of sunnies I got from this wonderful local designer who is out to serve a great cause! xx

(Image source via Pinterest)