Happy Anniversary, Babe!





Dear my sweet husband George,

Happy happy anniversary, babe! I can’t believe 3 years has already gone by. Although we have been together for much longer – 15 years, that’s almost half my lifetime! It’s amazing how much we both have learned from each other as well as growing up together over these years. (And to me, you will always look 19 – just like when we first met. :))

I still remember our wedding day like it was just yesterday. We had the best time with our families and friends, and most important of all, we had SO MUCH FUN! In my wedding vows, I promised to make you the proudest husband and father to our children. And today, I hope you are proud and happy with the little family we created. I cannot imagine loving anyone more than you and Hayden these days, and soon with another one on the way. You guys really mean the world the universe to me. I’m truly grateful everyday that you are the man I’m married to – the man I adore, the man I know my children will adore.

Love you always,

Your wife Jeanne

Images via Shop Sweet Things. Wedding photography by Traci Griffin.