Not Ready To Say “I Do?”


Christmas is over, New Years is done… time is ticking and your folks are wondering why you haven’t done anymore planning for your wedding?!

I’ve been in your shoes and dreaded my planning. Not only was I overwhelmed with all the cheesy, paper-cutter ideas out there… I simply didn’t know what I wanted! So if you’re looking for some fresh and unique ideas on how to personalize your big day or trying to save some money along the way, Handmade Weddings ($17) may just be your guide!..really wish I had this book two year ago…

{via: oh joy!, photos by Joseph De Leo}

Another reason to adore this book is that some of the ideas are so versatile that you can really use it for just about any party. Add this book to your collection and you’re on your way to becoming the best hostess of the year! Don’t forget to invite me!! :)