My Very First Mood Board


Hello friends! Remember a few weeks ago when I said I had to do a mood board for my BYW e-course? Well, here it is… my very first mood board.

We were asked to put together a board that would reflect who we are and how we would want our blog to be. The only rule is that we cannot take any inspirations from the web…which was super hard to do!

I thought I was going to get a bunch of clippings from magazines and books…but instead I decided to pull together some of my favorite things I’ve collected over the years. Above is a ticket stub I kept from the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice, Italy, and a wine label from the first bottle of wine my husband and I had in Italy during our honeymoon.

This is a handheld mirror I bought from Beijing. It was inexpensive yet it was probably one of my favorite things I got overseas. Underneath is a pretty silk bag I kept from a pair slippers I got several years ago from Banana Republic.

A glimpse into my personal life (and the man who I can never, ever live without!) I also used those polka dot notepads on the left to write to my daughter when I was pregnant with her.

Some of my favorite jewelry pieces, collectibles, paper & prints.

I’m a bit sad that my BYW course is officially over. I could not thank Holly from Decor8 and Leslie from A Creative Mint enough for all their efforts in putting this course together. These two amazing ladies were so motivating, supportive, and genuine that you really couldn’t leave the class without feeling inspired!

I never thought of myself as the creative type… though I always knew what I like when I see it, I was never the one who “creates.” I’m really happy that this course got me out of my comfort zone and into trying something new. It’s kinda interesting to keep discovering yourself and to see what you are capable of, don’t you think?