Dressing Up A Vintage Bench


old brand new vintage bench rose bowl flea

old brand new vintage bench vintage camera

old brand new interior styling

When I think of a bench, I don’t think of using it as a bookcase. I mean, aren’t they for sitting and putting your shoes on? But this idea I saw from Dabito of Old Brand New is pretty cool. He picked this baby up from the Rose Bowl flea, and turned it into an amazing bookcase where it holds books, plants and some super cool collectibles. I love how he styled this little vignette with some unusual artwork and vintag-ey black/brown frames too. This is most definitely going into my inspiration files!

On another note, I don’t follow many photography blogs. But Old Brand New has been the one that I’ve always come back to. There’s just something about his perspective and composition that really grabs me. His styling skill is kinda amazing too! Go check out his blog and let me know what you think? You might even enjoy stalking his Instagram. :)

(Images via Old Brand New)

  • This is the cutest idea ever. I happen to have a vintage bench in my entryway. Maybe you’ve just found a storage solution for me, hmm?…

  • Igor Josifovic

    Woohoo – I so love this styling idea!! Get me a vintage bench!!!! Yay! Cheers from Munich, Igor xoxo

  • Hi Jeanne, thanks for the shout out and the sweet comments. Yippee! I’m thrilled to see that you guys are digging my new bench. Now, I need a real one for actual sitting and for shoes in my entryway. :D Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 

  • I love this vintage/modern vibe. Awesome post Jeanne.

  • Micheal Hussey

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