DIY Polka Dot Jewelry Dish


diy polka dot jewelry dish_1a

diy polka dot jewelry dish 2

So this weekend, I was being spontaneous and decided to do a fun little DIY project. As you know, I don’t do DIY here very often. However, I got inspired by a pin recently using dot stickers to make polka dot print (oh, the power of Pinterest), so I decided to apply the same concept on an appetizer plate to make what I called a “DIY Polka Dot Jewelry Dish” – kinda proud of myself, can’t you tell? :)

What I’m most excited about this DIY is that it will literally cost you less than 5 bucks and no more than 15 minutes to make. Seriously, do you think I can handle anything more intensive? I was even able to do this while Hayden napped, so it was the perfect little project for me. I’m so happy that it turned out well, because you know, all I want to do is share the good stuff with you. So here it goes, are you ready? :)

diy polka dot jewelry dish materials

WHAT YOU NEED:  Small Platter from CB2, $1.95 each. Black Coding Stickers, $2.00. (I found mine through Maido, a Japanese stationary store in the city, but you can find similar ones from Amazon or Office Depot. I chose the smallest dots possible but you can get bigger dots if you like.)

diy polka dot jewelry dish step1

STEP 1: Align your plate to the ruler starting at the corner and place a sticker every one inch.

diy polka dot jewelry dish step2

STEP 2: After the first line, move your plate 1/2 inch over to the right on the ruler. Then estimate 1/2 inch down and start placing sticker every one inch for the second line.

diy polka dot jewelry dish step3

diy polka dot jewelry dish

STEP 3: Repeat step 1-2 until the whole plate is complete.

And Voila! You got yourself a new adorable jewelry dish! Isn’t it sweet? Oh, and if you want to add colors, try using gold, metallic or neon coding dots. I think the result will turn out to be just as amazing!

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  • heycaryl

    So adorable!! I have those plates too. I just might have to do this. :)

  • adorable!

  • love this DIY!!! who would have thought stickers on a plate! so easy and the result looks amazing! definitely on my “To DIY” list!

  • Love it Jeanne! What a fun and easy project! It looks adorable!

  • Love this Jeanne! An easy DIY is a good DIY in my book – so sweet and simple!

  • Trina

    Now this is my kind of DIY…super easy and super cute results …ok that and the fact that is black and white polka dots! Love it, Jeanne! xo . t

  • Oh my goodness Jeanne! Great minds think alike I guess…I’m doing something similar right now using round neon office supply stickers on a lucite tray, then applying a layer of mod podge on top so the stickers stick for a while. very cute!

  • You’re such a genius~ all DIY should be THIS easy~

  • Oh wow Jeanne, I love this one! They’d make the perfect presents for friends! I’m not big on DIY either unless there is a great purpose to the outcome, and these are exactly up my alley. I’ve been wanting to host a DIY party with my friends and I’m thinking maybe I’ll do this!

  • Theresa

    Jeanne, this is so awesome! The dish came out great, AND it’s super easy to make. Ok, you know we’re going to be expecting more of these. ;) Thanks for sharing.

  • Eli

    What a great idea Jeanne! I’m gonna have to try this, the daiso has so many cute dishes like this that could use a little sprucing up :)

  • houseofearnest

    So fun! I wouldn’t have even thought this was a DIY! I love it!

  • hannah

    i did a very similar DIY some days ago. it is in german but its easy to understand for every one else too :)

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  • this is such a cute idea!

  • lauren

    this is genius!! Definitely need to try this!