DIY Neon Classic Pottery


neon inspiration

A few months back, I spotted this lovely decorative piece at Chantal Guillon in Hayes Valley while picking for up some yummy macarons. I instantly fell in love with the neon on this classic piece of pottery – such a brilliant take on the modern twist! I asked one of the associates there if they knew where I can buy one, but unfortunately they didn’t. A few months later, this piece is still stuck in my head (gosh, how I wish to have one in my home) … hence came this DIY. I can’t promise this one is easier than the last one, but it only took me less than 30 minutes to do, and again, very chic and affordable. Wanna make one with me?

What you need… white ceramic pottery of your choice and florescent spray paint ($8). I would suggest to pick a ceramic with a more traditional style so that you can play off that modern classic look with the neon. I got the water pitcher from Ross for $6.99 and the sugar & cream set was from Pottery Barn (which was given to me as a gift that has been sitting in the cabinet – it’s nice to take it out and finally make use of it.) 



The not so pretty part… carefully cover and duct tape the part you don’t want to spray paint. In my case, I used a garbage bag for the water pitcher and a ziplock bag for the cream & sugar set. Spray 5 – 6 inches from the object to get an even application. Be sure to wear protective gloves, cover anything you don’t want to get debris on, and wear another set of clothing. While I stayed pretty clean throughout, you just never know when you’ll make that stupid mistake and accidentally spray yourself! 



The goods… Whadda ya think? Not too bad, right? Who knew I would find an inspiration while on the run to satisfy my sweet tooth?! 





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