DIY Neon Classic Pottery


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A few months back, I spotted this lovely decorative piece at Chantal Guillon in Hayes Valley while picking for up some yummy macarons. I instantly fell in love with the neon on this classic piece of pottery – such a brilliant take on the modern twist! I asked one of the associates there if they knew where I can buy one, but unfortunately they didn’t. A few months later, this piece is still stuck in my head (gosh, how I wish to have one in my home) … hence came this DIY. I can’t promise this one is easier than the last one, but it only took me less than 30 minutes to do, and again, very chic and affordable. Wanna make one with me?

What you need… white ceramic pottery of your choice and florescent spray paint ($8). I would suggest to pick a ceramic with a more traditional style so that you can play off that modern classic look with the neon. I got the water pitcher from Ross for $6.99 and the sugar & cream set was from Pottery Barn (which was given to me as a gift that has been sitting in the cabinet – it’s nice to take it out and finally make use of it.) 



The not so pretty part… carefully cover and duct tape the part you don’t want to spray paint. In my case, I used a garbage bag for the water pitcher and a ziplock bag for the cream & sugar set. Spray 5 – 6 inches from the object to get an even application. Be sure to wear protective gloves, cover anything you don’t want to get debris on, and wear another set of clothing. While I stayed pretty clean throughout, you just never know when you’ll make that stupid mistake and accidentally spray yourself! 



The goods… Whadda ya think? Not too bad, right? Who knew I would find an inspiration while on the run to satisfy my sweet tooth?! 





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  • Tina Ramchandani

    The splash of hot pink adds a touch of drama. I never would have thought of spray painting! Tx!

  • These look super cool! Love the classic/neon mix, it’s perfect

  • vidhyaparashuram

    Love this. Beautiful!

  • jon

    love it!! neon is everything :D

  • oh my gosh, I LOVE this!

  • Shelly


  • love it!! and that pitcher too! I may need to run to Ross to see if my local one in the Richmond carries it! 

  • Ashley Lovett

    So fabulous, Jeanne!


  • Margot Madison

    Love it! A little bit of neon pink goes a long way, and you’ve done this beautifully!

  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Oh my goodness, this is SO fun! The perfect way to add a dash of colour. LOVE!

  • woah! look at you go! looks fab jeanne1

  • Fenny

    Nice Jeanne, love them and so happened I really into neon these days. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Love this! And, it’s so happening for some pieces for the kitchen when we move into our new apt next month!

  • They turned out amazing! What a fun idea!

  • Stacie @onehungrymama

    love this SO MUCH!

  • Jeanne, you’ve outdone yourself with this diy! I love how it turned out. It’s so, well, sweet looking. I hope you have these items proudly displayed somewhere in your home. They need to be seen. (I might have to get in on this action.)

  • Eli

    How awesome Jeanne, I totally like your items better than your inspiration! Great job and good eye

  • houseofearnest

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  I will say LOVE again!  So well done! 

  • Favorite! I love this.

  • ModMom

    Might I make a suggestion. In order to make the color completely permanent, you might want to try painting it with glass paint. Martha Stewart makes one that’s available at Michael’s in a rainbow of colors. Once it dries, you just bake it in the oven for 30 minutes and it becomes indelible. I just did a craft workshop for 85 little Girl Scouts decorating the outside of a tea cup. They had a blast doing and had a sweet memento to take home.

  • Pretty!! I will have to try this out. Love  your blog! 

    With love from San Francisco,

  • Natalie@A Turtle’s Life for Me

    SO in love with this! Really cool twist on a classic. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that spray paint before but I will definitely be on the look-out now!

  • That´s amazing :))


    What a fabulous idea!!!!

    I have just made a post about it in my blog

    (with links and credits of course!)

    thanks for sharing this!!!

  • bonboyish

    Thanks for the inspiration – so chic and pretty! Also, it seems like you can “bake” acrylic enamel paint (such as those from Krylon)

  • Lily
  • Micheal Hussey

    No wonder why you receive countless of feedbacks.