DIY Modern Mosaic Painting


diy modern mosaic painting

Well oh well, never thought I would whip up another DIY… but I think I just did it again (and again, and again!) What do you think of this mosaic inspired paintings?? Do you like it? This DIY turned out even better than I thought, so I’m pretty proud to share this with you today. The best part is, this project is so easy that even a 2 year old like Hayden can handle it.

This idea was really inspired by a similar project I saw at my daughter’s preschool last week. Yup, I got inspired by pre-schoolers! They used masking tape to create shapes on poster boards and just did random paintings on it. I thought this idea was so cool I decided to try my own version with Hayden. She never did this project because the arts were done by students one level above her, but I’ve been doing paintings with Hayden at home so I thought this would be a fun project for her too. My twist on this is doing this DIY on canvas with neon and color acrylic paints and glitter.

diy modern mosaic painting

Step 1: Randomly place masking tape over the canvas while trying to create geometric shapes. Try to carve out about 5-8 blocks to paint on, depending how big or how small you want them to be.

diy modern mosaic painting supplies
Tip: Make sure you press firmly on the edges of the masking tape when applying so that the paint won’t bleed into it when you’re painting.

shop sweet things | diy modern mosaic painting

Step 2: Choose different colors for each block and just paint away. For the little ones, you may want to guide them on how to paint within the block, but I think it’s also very cute when the paints get mixed into each other. It makes the art kind of unique.

diy modern mosaic painting supplies

shop sweet things | diy modern mosaic painting
Step 3: Let it dry for about 30 minutes and then carefully peel off the masking tape.

diy modern mosaic painting
And voila, we got art!

shop sweet things | diy modern mosaic painting
Now onto more fun stuff, the glitter!

diy modern mosaic painting supplies
For those of you who wants to add glitter onto this DIY, apply the mod podge onto the block you want to add glitter on and then sprinkle it first before you do any painting. That way, the excess glitter will not get stuck onto the paint.

shop sweet things | diy modern mosaic painting

shop sweet things | diy modern mosaic painting

shop sweet things | DIY Modern Mosaic Painting

shop sweet things | DIY Modern Mosaic Painting
I’m loving my new art!

shop sweet things | DIY Modern Mosaic Painting

And that’s all! Super cool and fun, right? I hope you find it easy enough to give it a try too!

What you need: Paint Brushes | Acrylic and Neon Paints in various colors | Glitter | Mod Podge | Masking Tape | Art Canvas

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  • Ashley Lovett

    Beautiful, Jeanne!


  • Jessica

    I love this! I can see it fitting in well in our house in black and white with thin lines between the geometric pieces. Great job!

    jessica /

  • Andi

    So cute! I love making my own artwork too. The bright colors you chose are great!

  • Yonex Sterno

    Lovely! I have also tried using different kinds of glass materials for my mosaics. I just love the colored venetian glass I’ve used! For those looking for mosaic art supplies, consider visiting

  • Karin/Pysselbolaget

    I often get inspired by pre-schoolers! My daughter and I have been crafting since she was a toddler and we run a blog on crafts for kids and parents. We’d love to take on this project and we’ll make sure to link back to you when we do.

    All the best from Sweden!

    • Yay! Let me know how it goes! And I HAVE to check out your blog for more kid-friendly DIYs! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Pysselbolaget

        It took us a year but now it’s done! Our art turned out great and we’re so pleased! We have, of course, linked back to you. Thank you so much for sharing this craft!

  • Terry Baylor

    Is this really ‘art’, or just a Pinterest style project that you think is art? Seriously, this looks like a kid did it.

    • Carmen González

      A KID did it.

  • Rachel

    Beautiful! I love the paint and glitter combination. I would also love to link to you tutorial if you didn’t mind.