DIY // Happy Dots Wall Art




Ever since I moved into this apartment (about two years ago now), I had the most trouble figuring out what to put on this large piece of wall. I didn’t want to invest too much in wall arts because after all, this place is a rental, and I don’t know how many more years I will be staying here. But at the same time, I’m a little fed up with this blank wall staring at me day and night. So finally last week, I, along with the help of my awesome husband, made these what I call the “Happy Dots” wall art.

This is a DIY project I followed entirely from Jordan on Oh Happy DayShe’s pretty much a genius for coming up with this idea! The only difference with mine is that I did mine on canvas, where Jordan did hers on paper and framed it with plexiglass.

The hardest part of the project was measuring out the alignment of the dots and coming up with the different colors to use for the art. Since my canvas was a different size than what Jordan was using, we had to recalculate all the math and dimensions. Once we got all that figured it out, the rest was easy peasy! My favorite part of the project was the use of the potato – carving a circle and using it as a stamp.  Don’t you just love how organic and unique each dot looks? This is what I call perfectly imperfect.

I’m so happy with how this project turned out. All the colors really brought life into my living room, and most importantly, I can finally say I made art! This is pretty amazing coming from someone who hasn’t held a paint brush since high school.

I didn’t go to any fancy art store. I went to Michaels and got all my supplies there. The whole project cost me about $160, where I know if I were to buy three pieces of art, handmade, this size would have easily cost me $500. The project did take me a good 7 hours to complete and it’s best to do it all in one setting. Though I’d say this is pretty cost effective for some nice art, don’t you think?

All images via . For full instruction, please check out Oh Happy Day