The Perfect Side Table


west elm dipped side table

I’ve been looking for a bedside table that would fit nicely into a tiny space (as well as kid-friendly, not too expensive, not Ikea) and the truth is, it’s been a challenge. Until yesterday when I came across this picture with the West Elm dipped side table on Lindsay’s blog, Mstetson Design. Not only will this table fit nicely by our bedside, but it’s on sale for only $60 (Org. $129)! I swear, I’m always on the West Elm site, but I guess there are just times when you miss a good sale. Thank goodness for my ever growing list of blog friends, they just know how to keep me in the loop of finding great stuff!

If you happen to be looking for a side table too, this is really a good buy. Can’t wait for mine to arrive and style it for y’all to see! Happy Wednesday, friends!

(image via mstetson design)

  • Igor Josifovic

    I love it so much and it is such a bargain! If only it were available here too…well it is, but shipping costs exceed the actual price…what a pity for me…

  • I love West Elm, and that side table is really cute.  I feel like it would be a really easy DIY too, using an IKEA table. 

    I’ve been looking for a bedside table too, but need something taller.  Room & Board actually has some cute tables at a reasonable price for small spaces that I’m considering – just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  The shipping gets you every time!

  • such a beautiful and simple choice, Jeanne! It’ll be pretty sturdy since it has 4 legs. Some of the 3-legged tables are a bit on the tip-over side. xo