Chinese New Year Festival – San Francisco Chinatown


When you ask people what is their favorite holiday, it’s usually Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween. But for me… it’s the Chinese New Year! Having been brought up in Hong Kong earlier part of my life, my childhood memories revolve fondly around red-envelops, melon seeds, fire-crackers and savory food.. after all, this is a celebration that last two weeks long, so what is there not to love?

Since Chinese New Year is just right around the corner (this Thursday, to be exact), I did the traditional thing and went to the Chinatown’s CYN Street Festival this weekend to pick up some goodies… along some of my favorites are fresh flowers Paper Whites and Cherry Blossom. Here are some photos my husband took that I thought I’d share…

(Yay! We found Where’s Waldo!!)

Although sometimes I wish I can be in Hong Kong celebrating at Duetto with some of the best seats along Victoria Harbour with an Italian & Indian flair Festive Fireworks Buffet… oh, how I miss Hong Kong!

{via HK Magazine}

What are you doing to celebrate the Chinese New Year?