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Castle is one of those shops I can fall in love with over and over again. I came across the shop’s artwork before, but have not actually checked out the online shop. And when I did, I realized Castle has so much more to offer than just art.

This shop carries a variety of beautiful pieces for the home. From bed linens, to tea towels, to floor cushions, to handmade art. Castle’s colorful and whimsical design can bring love and happiness to any home.

While Castle was founded in 2008, the founder and designer, Rachel Castle, has 20 years of experience in the homeware industry in Australia and abroad. She was a co-founder of a London-based design & branding agency, the Nest, worked for the The Coran shop, as well as styled and wrote for Australian magazines. To say the least, her resume was quite impressive before launching Castle.

What I adore most about Castle is that all handmade artworks are sewn by Rachel and her loving mother, Jillian Patching. And may I just say that this is just one of the cutest lookbooks I’ve ever seen for a home brand ~ I’m officially having a major crush on Castle!

(Source & images via Castle)

  • Ashley Lovett

    Wow! So bright and cheery. How can you not smile looking at these images?!


  • Igor Josifovic

    The colours are breathtaking! Love the vibrant power of their range!

  • Colleen / Inspired to Share

    I do love Castle!! Haven’t seen these images yet – thanks!! xo

  • Fenny Setiawan

    I love this shop Jeanne. I always love geometric art prints beside now my latest craze is the eye chart print hehehe…. 

  • I love a bright pop of color! I will have to check out their online store. Great share!

  • I too love everything from Castle.  So bright. fun, and light hearted!  How did I miss their clothing?  That billowy black printed top looks super fun… 

  • Wow, I love the colors!  It reminds me being in a room w/ Flavin art.

    Thanks for sharing Castle.


  • i’m loving all the bright colors :)

  •  Wouldn’t it be great if that bathtowl was a scarf? So fun!