Can Can Cleanse | 1-Day Paleo Pack (Get $15 Off!)


can can cleanse paleo pack

I’ve done juice cleanses before, but to be honest, it’s not really for me. I’m just not that hardcore. So when my friends from Can Can Cleanse introduced me to their new “1-Day Paleo Pack“, I was excited to try!

What is the Paleo Pack? The Paleo Pack is a day’s worth of goodies (3 green juices, 2 nut milks, 1 savory soup & 2 Banana Bam Bam (paleo) muffins from Muffin Revolution). Instead of a cleanse, this pack is designed to power you through the day with clean, whole food, nutrient-dense calories & goodness. It’s a lot more gentler on my body and I’m still getting a similar benefit from a cleanse. As a “mom-on-the-go”, this just fits so much more with my lifestyle right now.

As promised (from my Instagram), I got a special promo code for you to take $15-off on the Paleo Pack from Can Can Cleanse! Just enter “PALEO4SST” (all caps) and you’ll be good to go. This will be a savior once the BBQ season gets into full swing!

This offer is good thru the end of July and is only offered to SF & Bay Area residents. Thanks so much again to Can Can Cleanse for introducing me to the Paleo Pack!

Enjoy! xo Jeanne