Anti-Aging Facial, Anyone?


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Whenever I’m given a choice between a massage or a facial, I always go for the massage. Never really thought facial was necessary for me. Until, well, I hit my 30s (and more sepecifically, after having a baby.) My skin started to dull, those pores began to show, I’m breaking out like I’m 14 again, and boy, I don’t even want to get into the wrinkles!

I can’t deny it. This is the sign of aging, and I needed something to rejuvenate my skin – STAT!

So last week, Burke Williams, my favorite spa in the city, invited me over to try their new anti-aging facial treatment. I had no idea what I was in for, I usually come here for their amazing massages and their exceptional amenities. I was even worried that I would come out with my face all red (you know, those horror stories you heard from your friends)… but then again, anything anti-aging sounds pretty good to me right now other than getting botox or going under the knife.

It was a good and thorough 75-minutes treatment. My esthetician was very nice and knowledgeable. She was giving me skincare advice throughout the session and my treatment actually came with a nice facial massage, shoulder and hand rub – which was much needed since my hands were constantly on the laptop. She sprayed what they called a stem cells application onto my face, which helps repair damages as well as regenerate and firm skin cells. There were also exfoliation, extraction and a facial mask in between, so I can’t say it was all relaxing, but a real good deep cleansing for the face.

As with any spa treatment, this 75-minutes went by like a fly. They never seem to last long enough, do they?! As I walked back to the vanity area I was a bit nervous to see my face but I ended up pretty happy with the result. Not a bit red. Soft even skin tone. Nicely firm. It was skin I haven’t seen myself had in months! And now that I’ve had my facial for over a week, my skin surprisingly still looks great.

I really would recommend this to anyone who’s looking to give their skin a real treat. If I was to shop for my next spa treatment, I may just have to go for that facial again! Ok, maybe I’ll add a massage too. :) 

Burke Williams, 845 Market Street (Westfield Center), San Francisco, Downtown .

Post brought to you by Burke Williams. All opinions are my own.