Bright Corner Penthouse


To be quite honest, I’m kind of behind on packing for the Alt Summit. Who knew packing for a three-day trip can be so hard?! So today, I’m keeping it short and sharing with you this lovely penthouse in Stockholm, Sweden I spotted over the weekend. After all, we can never get sick of looking at white spaces and colorful accents, can we?

Enjoy the tour!

(Source & images via 1 Kind Design)

  • Crystalin

    Ok, this space is soooo dreamy! Every room is so large and airy… (sigh) a girl can dream. Have fun at Alt lady :)

  • 1smileygirl

    Here is my favorite Stockholm blogger and she has a new home in which she is slowly redoing it.  You should check her out.  Chez Larsson (

  • lauren wickman

    gorgeous interiors. Have fun at Alt!

  • Allergictovanilla

    omg, so I’m thinking when I move to SF, this is what I’ll be looking for :) thanks for always giving the best inspiration photos! 

    xo Carlina 

  • Those bookshelves.  And that kitchen.  Swoooon!

    And I love that they have the same kitchen knife holder we have mounted to our backsplash.  It frees up counterspace, and looks cool.

  • Eli

    I just want to move into this place right now as is! It makes me kind of sad that so many homes in SF can be so shitty inside. While I shouldn’t complain because ours is in no way that bad, when I see something so beautiful like that I just want to move! If I could move to anywhere in Europe it definitely would be Sweden, Stockholm was so beautifully amazing. I’ll always remember this store we visited there

    have fun at ALT summit!

  • This place is stunningly lovely! I love all the white and that kitchen is so sleek, I hope I can live somewhere like this on day!

  • Igor Josifovic

    Love the spacious apartment and the airy feel to it. The pops of color are just what I adore in interior design. I think my current apartment would fit in this one like 10-15 times? LOL.