He Is Anything But Beige! Meet Mr. Bazaar


Some of you may already know him, but to me Mr. Bazaar (aka Will Taylor) is a new face – and pretty awesome! Being the newbie that I am in the blogosphere, I recently came across his blog- Bright.Bazaar and literally found myself clicking pages after pages. His eyes for colors and sense of style are so ah-mazing… looking at his blog was pretty much eye candy to me.

The little vignettes he did in the third issue of Rue was so dashing cute that I’d love to have every single item he propped in my house! If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on the latest Rue issue, be sure to check out Mr. B’s article for some good tips on how to stay organize and efficient for the year.

I think Mr. B just made my list as the “go-to” guy for home decor ideas. :)