2011, You Did Me Good!


Last year, this time, I hardly knew what a blog was. Then I decided to make a New Year resolution to chronicle my passion for shopping, living and beautiful things through a blog.

I loved all the beautiful things that had made my life oh-so-sweet this year. From my super sparkly Kate Spade necklace, to my favorite pair of Loeffler Randall oxfords, to my vintage Escada find, to my ever growing fashion and home book collection, to the little things that make my home so happy, to my first daughter-and-mommy outfit, and to my super cute polka dot Kate Spade phone case that got me so many compliments this year…2011 did me good.

But if you ask me what was the best purchase I made this year? I would have to say it has to be my first family portraits! As cheesy as it sounds… these photos are pretty much priceless :)

Family portrait taken by Traci Griffin Photography

(All images via Shop Sweet Things otherwise noted.) 

  • Several things. One, that family photo is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Two, it’s PERFECT that you have the  ‘Shopaholics I Met and Liked’ notebook! And three, I hope you guys have a fantastic New Year! So happy we met this year. :)

    • You’re so sweet, Victoria! Thanks for all the kind words. So happy we met this year too and I look forward to doing more fun things together next year! xo 

  • Love this post! I still need to wrap up 2011 and I have been so slow going on the blog! AAH!! I love that picture of the three of you! 

  • Happy New Year, Jeanne! I’m so happy we ‘met’ in 2011, too. :) Feels so long since I’ve been here, will be better about keeping up once things slow down a bit. xoxo!

    • Aw, thanks Hana! I’ve been so bad about keeping up too… got so busy toward the end of the year! Happy NY to you too and thanks for visiting! I need to catch up with your cooking school and fun life too!! xo

  • So lovely to find your blog via Glitter Guide (and what a gorgeous feature!). Am already loving going through your archives – I adore how you have a similarly optimistic, treasure-hunting attitude to your blog and so lovely to have a peek into another part of the world to my own.

    Will be back for more!

    Briony xx