Hello, Hi! It’s me again!

So excited I got two things going on today! One is this sweet giveaway I’m hosting for Darling Clementine (did you enter yet? because you should!) And two, I’m also on Vmac+Cheese‘s awesome lifestyle blog featured as her BTS girl (aka her Behind-The-Scenes series).

If you want to read up on who inspires me, which 5 places I want to travel, and where I see myself in 5 years… then hop on over! It’s a fun feature and I can assure you that you won’t want to leave Victoria’s blog once you are there!

Xo Jeanne

  • The feature is fantastic… and now I’ve discovered yet another SF blogger to follow. Thanks for introducing! :) 

  • I was wondering when Vmac was going to feature you in BTS (my favorite series on her blog). ;) It was great seeing you over there and learning more about your hopes and dreams.  Yay for interviews and guest posts…I’m loving it.

    • Thanks Theresa! I know it’s so great to read each other’s inspirations… definitely helps me when I feel uninspired. 

  • loved reading the behind the scenes of S.S.T! i love getting little snippets of personal stories on bloggers. i loved reading about how you are looking to taking this blog to another level and i’ll be rooting for you every step of the way!! can’t wait to see where this takes you :)   

  • Loved your B-T-S feature! Such a wonderful way of how to envision your life in 5 years. I have no doubt that Shop Sweet Things will be even more amazing in years to come. You’ll need to add Australia to your travel list though! :) xx

    • Thanks so much Serena! I sure do need to add Australia to my list… I’d love to come see Sydney and Melbourne too!