An Interesting Mix of Styles



I gravitate to a lot of bold graphics, and one day (hopefully one day), when we own our own home I would love to use some graphic wall paper in my space.

Though, sometimes, the use of graphics can appear too playful, and lately I find my taste evolving to something more sophisticated. So, I’ve been studying ways on how to marry both. I love the use of white and the bits of gold in this space (down to the door bolts), and how the soft lines from the mirror and bathroom fixtures balances out the strong pattern in this bathroom. This space got a playful and bold pattern but still feels very “grown-up.” It’s the marriage between modern graphic and vintage glam, I suppose. Pretty interesting mix of styles in my opinion. And I do love that this pattern is not really seen anywhere… making it very original. I like! :)

Image via Adore Magazine, Apr/May 2013 Issue.