Adios, I’m Off To ALT!


The day is finally here, and I’m off to Alt Design Summit in the SLC! I am so-super-duper- excited, can’t you tell?! The past two days I’ve been planning my outfits and dressing up my business cards (inspired by this DIY) and thought I’d show you a peek.

There has also been a lot of talk about what to wear at the summit. While we all feel the pressure to “dress to impress”, my thoughts are always about being yourself and wear what you feel most comfortable in (minus the sweats!) I think as long as you present yourself professionally and genuinely, people will respect that more than what you have on. At least that’s the attitude I’m going with anyway.

Alrighty folks, I probably just broke the 10 commandments of a blogger and have not pre-planned my blog posts for the remaining week. But rest assure, I’ll be live tweeting and instagramming with my lovely iPhone at the summit. Maybe a little street style at Alt too? :)

See you in Salt Lake City!

xo Jeanne