A Little Life Makeover


pink nude color palette

It’s no surprise that I have a thing for pink. But as I’m getting a little older, a little wiser (as I just turned 37 two weeks ago), so is my taste for colors. I still love a pop of bright colors, I mean, my birthday outfit was nothing shy from brights! But I’m also gravitating towards more neutrals and muted colors lately, especially muted pink. I’m not sure if it’s a phase for me or a stage in my life, but I guess I’m trying to refine my color palette. I’m looking for something more calm, maybe a little bit more grown-up, and I’m hoping to apply that to my latest personal project – redecorating my living space! Yes, it’s slowly in the works and I’m doing the redesign with the help of Anne Sage, who’s new interior design book, Sage Living (pre-order right here) is launching September 15th!

I’ll be sharing more about Anne’s book and the redesign process of my living space in the coming weeks. I’m really excited about it! It’s been on the back of my mind for a while now, but honestly, I’ve been stuck in a styling rut. So, I’m just super grateful that Anne is willing to work with me on this latest project.

acqua e sapone cranberry cream

Anyway, shifting from colors and interiors to my face now. I’m not sure if you caught my Instagram, but I’ve also been seeing a really good skin coach, Kimmy from Acqua E Sapone in SF. She’s been puting me on this acne bootcamp with a very effective regime to clear my skin. I don’t know what kind of magic she’s working on me, but it’s working and I love the way my skin feels lately. I’m also loving this Cranberry Face Cream that I use day in and day out. I can’t leave home without it! It nourishes my skin so well that I even recommended to my mom.

rgb nude nail polish

Ok, I know I’m just kind of rambling on this post. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to blog and talk about what I’ve been up to. As you probably notice, my posts has been a bit sparse here. I’m actually shifting my focus lately to concentrate on Harlow & Grey. Starting a new business is like growing a baby, it takes a lot of attention during the infancy stage. I’m not neglecting this blog, it’s just that you may not find the consistency like you have before, but I’d still like to use this place to share my latest projects and things that I love and inspire me, and of course, a place where you and I can always connect. In fact, I’m doing a redesign of my blog, hopefully to simplify the layout and also introduce new topics that speaks to me more at this stage of my life.

Wow, after telling you what I’ve been up to lately, I realize I’m kind of giving myself a life makeover. I guess that’s normal considering I am officially in my late 30’s (omg, I sound so old! and omg, my daughter just started Kindergarten yesterday!) But to be honest, I feel more like I just turned 30, ha!

In the mix: Jins Eyewear, RGB Nail Polish, Aesop Hand Cream, Gillian Conroy 14k Gold Safety Pin Earring via Metier, Acqua E Sapone Cranberry Cream, Amelia Rose Design Initial Necklace

xo Jeanne

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