A little favor, please.


studio sweet studio

Do you ever feel out of focus? The feeling of having too many ideas in your head, too many things you want to accomplish (yet so little time…), then all of a sudden you get overwhelmed and feel completely lost. That’s kind of me right now.

I want to continue to better this blog and contribute quality content that both you and I enjoy. So I guess this is where I come to you for help… is it cool if I ask you for a little favor? Basically, I would like to know…

1. What would you like to see more of on this blog? (for example, more fashion, more interiors, more kids fashion, more diys, more guest posts, more giveaways, more cool mom stuff, etc.)

2. Is there something you want to know more about me? Or something you want to learn from me? (for example, blogging/social media advice & trends, shopping advice, new parenting advice?) 

I would really, really appreciate any ideas/feedbacks from you. Please feel free to comment below, on facebook, tweet back or simply email me at jeanne@shopsweetthings.com. And if you ever need a favor, I am happy to return one, just ask! :)

Thank you all in advance and happy May Day! xo Jeanne

Pretty image via Studio Sweet Studio