5 Quick Tips To Stay Productive


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Oh hi there, I miss you! I knew the second when the new year began, my schedule would be slammed.

Between working on the launch for my new biz, carving out time for my kids, and keeping the home somewhat neatly intact, I can hardly find time to breathe. And I mean that literally. A 30-second break to take in a few deep breaths these days feels like a godsend!

With so much to do, so much on my mind, and so little time (at least that’s how I feel), I decided to re-evaluate my workflow and lifestyle and try to find ways to maximize my productivity. And what I ended up doing is adapting a few new habits. I’m not sure if you’re looking to increase your productivity too, but if so, hopefully these tips will help you along the way.

No social media on Mondays.

I started to stay off of social media as much as I can at the beginning of the week, especially Mondays. I love social media and I love connecting and engaging in those platforms. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, you name it! But we all know that it sends you right into the black hole and it becomes a real productivity killer. So my #1 rule is that no social media on Mondays so that I can fully focus on myself and what I need to accomplish for the week.

A glass of lemon water in the morning.

Instead of making coffee the first thing in the morning, I made the habit of drinking a warm glass of lemon water instead. I love the fact that it helps the liver and gets rid of unwanted toxins. And maybe this is psychological, but I also feel that I have more clarity in the morning, which is important because I find that I am most productive between 8am-2pm. I still like to have my coffee, but I now try to save that for the mid-morning or afternoon when I really need that pick-me-up. Here’s 11 more reasons why you should drink a glass of lemon water in the morning too.

Bedtime at 9pm. 

This one is hard to adapt because I’m more of a night owl than an early bird, so I’m still trying to make this my bedtime goal. But whenever I do sleep at 9pm and wake up at 6am, I am so much more productive that day. 

Focus one important task a day.

This almost sounds impossible for anyone with a busy workload! The to-do list can go on and on and on. I’m always tempted to get the little tasks out of the way before getting to the big tasks. But guess what, every time I finish the little tasks, I run out of brain power and time to tackle the big tasks and I feel like I accomplished nothing! So what I’ve learned lately is to create 2 lists. One for “important” and the other for “urgent”. Each day, I would put 1 important task on the top of my schedule followed by 3-5 urgent tasks. That way, I’m juggling both but more importantly, I’m getting the big things out of the way first.

Keep workspace and desktop organized.

I know this sounds fundamental and basic, but I can’t tell you how chaotic I feel whenever my workspace is unorganized. Not to mention my desktop! So once a week (usually on Sundays), I schedule a 30-45 mins session to organize my workspace and delete/organize digital files on my desktop.

Now, if you feel like sharing, I’d love to know what you do to stay productive.

xo Jeanne

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