This year, I only have one goal…



I can feel it, 2013 is going to be an exciting year for me. I don’t have any new year resolutions or big plans up my sleeves… but I know I will be faced with new challenges that will make me grow, personally and professionally.

In about 18 days, I am expecting my second baby girl – 18 days, people (!!!) It’s funny that it didn’t hit me until recently that this is getting REAL! And to tell you the truth, I am going into a panic mode. I’ve heard from several mothers that handling two children is a lot harder than handling one. Even with the help of my mother, I know this will be a challenge. All I’m hoping for is that I’m going to have an easy baby that will sleep all night! That’s possible, right?

There will be a lot of uncertainty in my life in the next few months – adapting a new role, learning new parenting skills for both children, learning how to deal with new challenges as husband and wife, figuring out how to carve out time for fitness again, and of course, how will I continue to grow my blog and do more exciting things, all without sacrificing the happiness of my family. It’s going to be a lot of juggling act, that’s for sure!

One thing I’m truly excited about is being me again. I spent most of 2012 being pregnant and for 2013 I’m ready to feel myself again – not having to worry about any physical discomforts or others worrying about me as a “pregnant” woman. To put it simply, I can’t wait to feel independent again.

There are, of course, some expectations of how I want myself to be in 2013. But because there are going to be things I can’t plan for (even if I planned for them), having two children in the household will mean that I will have to adapt and change as I go. Time management will be a huge challenge for me this year. It will force me to invest my time wisely on things I really wanted to do – and strangely, I look forward to that because it will pave the path of where I want to go next – and not knowing exactly what that is is very exciting to me.

Since planning may not be the best strategy for me this year, I’m only going to give myself one very simple goal, and that is – listen to myself and do more of what makes me happy. It’s probably the easiest and most uplifting goal I’ve set for myself in a long time!

Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you so much for sticking around and I look forward to sharing my new journey with you in 2013. I will have another post later on sharing what will happen with my blog while I go on maternity leave, but for today, I want to wish you all lots of happiness in 2013! xo Jeanne

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