Tea Time Is My Fave



Hello friends, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty great… other than adjusting to spring forward and losing that one hour of sleep (as if I’m not losing enough zzzz lately with a new baby)… yup, my weekend was a bliss.

I’ve been thinking lately about how much I miss going out for tea. (Actually, I miss a lot of things…vacationing, dining, spa-ing, shopping… having a newborn does that to you!) But anyways, what I was saying is that I love enjoying an afternoon with girlfriends and having high tea, leisurely snacking on treats and yapping away on life and the Kardashians. But right now, my schedule is pretty slaved to the kiddos, so I thought the next best thing is to bring the tea time into my home.

Thanks to FREUD, having tea time at home is not a bad idea at all. I love my new stylish tea ball and matching cream & sugar set. The shiny stainless steel certainly made our tabletop sleek and fancy. It was so fun to watch Hayden munching on small bites and treats. Teaching my little 2 year old about tea time and showing her simple pleasures in life is fulfilling on my part. Pretty excited I got myself a new tea time girlfriend! :)




freud london teaball

Images via Shop Sweet Things.  Tea ware c/o FREUD – If you’re not familiar with them, they are a small family-owned British design house who recently launched their collection in the U.S.. Their tea ware and coffee makers are modern, functional and highly crafted. Check out their handsome stove top espresso maker, it’s another one of my faves!