Simple Fixes To Brighten Up Your Bathroom + Giveaway (Closed)


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Is there a room in your house that needs a little bit more attention? For me, my bathroom is the one I neglected the most. Right now, it’s looking a little sad and boring. I’m even embarrassed to show you pictures! So this season, I decided to liven up that space with a few simple fixes to create the #bestfeelings. After all, it’s an intimate and personal space where I spend a lot of time either getting ready or winding down at the end of the day, so I think my bathroom deserves a little love, don’t you agree? So today, I’m going to share my game plan on how I’m going to create a more relaxing environment in my bathroom – from choosing the right color palette to picking a Glade® signature scent – check out my top picks below…Let me know what you think:

1. Add lots of neutrals. While I’m a big fan of bold and bright colors, I’m more into neutrals when it comes to the bathroom. I love whites, blacks and beiges, and these neutrals look especially dreamy over sunlight. This can easily be accomplished by replacing my bath towels, rug and accessories.

2. Soothe the senses with refreshing fragrance. When it comes to choosing a scent for the bathroom, I almost always opt for lavender. It is the most calming scent and one that my husband and kids love too! All of our bath soaps and shampoo are lavender, so when I received the Glade® Lavender Embrace™ Premium Room Spray, I knew it would make a great addition in my bathroom.

3. Bring the outdoors in. This is no new trick, but we sometimes forget that putting plants in the bathroom can also liven up the space. A little potted plant or succulent terrarium can make the space more welcoming and alive. (This post’s giveaway is giving you just that! Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win two Glade® Premium Room Sprays and a Modern Succulent Terrarium at the end of this post!)

4. A touch of glam. Whenever I can, I always incorporate a touch of gold with my decor. I actually haven’t tried that in my bathroom, but I want to find a way to incorporate it. I love the idea of replacing old fixtures with gold hardware. That may be a bigger project, but I thought a quick simple fix can be hanging arts with simple gold frames. I think that would definitely elevate the feel of the bathroom.

Ok, after going through my game plan, I think my bathroom’s facelift is pretty achievable. I’m so glad I went through this with you, because now I’m REALLY inspired to redo my bathroom! How about you? Is there a room in your house that you want to give a facelift? How do you plan to liven up that space to inspire more #bestfeelings? Leave me a comment below and you are entered for a chance to win this month’s featured giveaway! (CLOSESD)

**The winner for this giveaway is ERIN ELLIS! Thanks so much for participating and the inspirations, everyone!**

Giveaway includes: 

// Glade® Lavender Embrace™ Premium Room Spray

// Glade® Brilliant Sunshine™ Premium Room Spray

// Modern Succulent Terrarium Kit

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Contest starts today 3/31 and ends 4/7, 11:59am PST. Open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be announced on this post on xx. Good luck, everyone! xo Jeanne

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