A Little Life Update



Seen here: Porter Magazine // Brushstroke iPhone Case with Mirror Power Bank by Wit & Delight for Target // Rose + Coconut Exfoliating Face Mask by new organic beauty brand Oak & Ashland // RGB Nail Polish in Nude. 

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA here on the blogland. I’ve been so busy with the kids’ new school schedule plus growing Harlow & Grey, I haven’t been able to get myself to sit in front of the computer to blog.

I do feel a little bad about it, but it literally comes down to choosing sleep, family time, husband time, TV time (there’s no way I can give up on Stranger Things or Odd Mom Out) or more screen time on the computer. Obviously, the computer is the least appealing option here.

Oh, and what happened to “me-time”?  I used to be able to fit that in a little easier, but life has been moving so fast that I can hardly keep track of what day of the week or month or year we’re in sometimes! It’s kind of embarrassing when I still catch myself writing 2015 when we’re already approaching the holidays. Where did 2016 go??!


Seen here: Brushstroke Cocktail Napkin (coming in Oct.) by Harlow & Grey.

This month marks the 6-month anniversary for Harlow & Grey since launch in March. I guess people call this a 1/2 birthday? I feel like a lot has happened since then with the brand I’m trying to build, but I also feel like we’re not moving or growing fast enough. Owning a business definitely gives you that roller coaster feeling sometimesI mean, a lot! One minute I feel like I’m on track, and the next minute I feel I’m like soooooo behind. There’s always something I feel l like I need to do better. Or improve. Or more.

My mind is constantly pulled in different directions, and I think the most challenging part for me is to ignore all the distractions I see all day long. It’s hard on my part because I do social media for myself and H&G so as I’m trying to focus on the real work, I also need to be aware on what’s going outside of my world. It can be overwhelming and sometimes I just need to shut it off and focus on what will move my business forward.

I’m not complaining here as I do enjoy producing content, it’s just a little hard when I got a million other things going on that is just a tad higher in priority, like financial planning, yup the boring stuff but quite important if you want to see where you stand in the business.

I know this is a rambling post but this is also my space to where I feel like I can just dump all my feelings down. You may be able to relate to me, or not, but at this point, I love having this space to just vent.  The beauty of a blog, right? :)

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Xo Jeanne