Zara Kids





I cannot believe in two months my baby Hayden will be turning 2. I still remember so vividly the day she was born and how teeny tiny she was, and now she is slowly growing out of her 18-24 mos old clothes. While Hayden is not quite 2 yet, she is definitely in a stage where she can still fit the last of the baby clothes but also the little girl’s clothes too. What does this mean for me? Danger for my wallet! This is especially true when you come across a charming collection like Zara Kids, your heart just kind of sinks and you literally want to fill her closet with everything Zara! (kind of like mommy sometimes.)  Please tell me I’m not the only one here who feels this way!


  • Eli

    Jeanne you’re giving me baby fever!

    • Aine-mcdermott

      what the hell, I love that shop zara:)

  • You are not the only one! The children’s line at Zara is so cute. Hayden will also be able to wear Crew Cuts when she turns 2! Wallet, watch out. ;)

  • Fenny

    I really love Zara kids. We do not have them in Malaysia, so whenever I travel to overseas I always look for it. When I was at Italy last year, I was going crazy to buy them, and I bought the dresses to last Dania’s 4th year birthday… haha…

    PS; Thanks for stop by at my blog and the words of encouragement…really appreciate it. Hug!