Which Nursery Style Are You?


the glamorous nursery

modern nursery

simplicity nursery

rustic nursery

preppy nursery

I love looking at nurseries. I think it’s one room in the house that you can go all out and no one will think you’re crazy. You can be a little dramatic, use the boldest colors, place the cutest knick-knacks, mix and match the heck out of it, and in the end, it still is the most adored room in the house! You know what I mean, jelly bean?

I still remember when I was decorating Hayden’s room, I never wanted to stick with a theme. It was never about owls & birds, or cars & choochoo trains. And for god sakes, no princess please! I’ll let Hayden decide if that’s what she really wants as she gets older.

So instead of a theme, I sticked with a style. I thought that would give me more flexibility in terms of design and incorporating the pieces I like into Hayden’s room. And for the most part, I’d say our style is modern with a mix of prep. How about you? Which nursery style are you?

And before you leave, I just wanted to thank everyone who entered the Darling Clementine giveaway! That shop really is darling and I can assure you that will find some really cute things for the nursery! So for this giveaway, the lucky winner is…. Brianne Manz! Yay, congrats!!! We will contact you shortly via email. Thanks ya’ll again for participating!

Have a great day, everyone!

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