Soooo Big Baby Target Sale


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Are we already half way through April?! This month is going by too fast for me! I think I even forgot to tell you about this Soooo Big Baby Sale that’s going on at Target right now! Thank goodness it’s happening all month long so there is still time left to shop. There are plenty of stylish baby essentials that are up to 25% off. From onesies to diapers to cribs to strollers to baby toys, it’s the perfect time to buy those baby must-haves, especially for first time expecting parents! I remember how much stuff we needed the first time around and savings like this really helped my wallet.

Since I’ve got most of the big baby items covered for Hadley (lots of hand-me-downs from her big sis!) I’m looking to stock up on everyday essentials like onesies, baby socks, feeding utensils (she’ll be starting her solids in 3 months, so fast!) and little baby toys to keep Hadley entertained. Oh, and those 3 Sprouts storage binsmy favorite! We already have two, but we just got another one. Seriously, once you have kids, toys will magically appear and multiply, and you’ll thank yourself for having good looking storage around the house!

I’ve already gone to my local Target to pick up some stuff for Hadley, but I realize there are other cool stuff I saw online that were not in store (and then there were stuff I saw in store that were not online.) So if I were you, go check out what’s at your Target this weekend and then order the rest on I, of course, have to share with you some of my favorites… :)


1. Raccoon Storage Bin 2. Developmental Meal Set 3. Cream Lamb Nublet 4. Monkey Squeaky Teether 5. Comfy Glider 6. Baby Body Support 7. Receiving Blanket 8. Organic Bib 9. Bundleme Baby Cover 10. Nightlight Switch 11. Dual Handles Straw Cup 12. Genie Diaper Essential Pail 13. Peter Rabbit Organics 14. Sit and Stand Double Stroller

While you’re there, Target is also giving away 1.5 million reusable bags at its stores this Sunday morning in celebration of the Earth Day! Each bag will contain a coupon book offering more than $40 in savings on sustainable products. And now that we have to pay for our bags at check-out (at least in SF), these reusable bags really do come in handy!

Have a nice weekend, everyone! And happy shopping!

Photos and graphics by Shop Sweet Things. I’m a member of the Target Inner Circle, all opinions shared here are my own.