Surviving My First Trimester (With a Little Tyke!)



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Well, well, well, I finally survived my first trimester and well into my second (15 weeks now to be exact.) This pregnancy hasn’t been easy at all. In fact, I feel a little bit harder this time around. My morning sickness is worse, I get tired a lot faster, my heartburn is kicking in (that didn’t happen with Hayden until the third trimester), and I’m getting the occasional headache which I did not get at all with my first pregnancy. I’m not sure if taking care of a young toddler has to do with any of this, but let’s just say I don’t get the pleasure of taking care of myself first until I take care of another little human being… which can be completely draining!

Aside from all the physical discomforts (sorry, hope I didn’t scare you there :), the bump is doing pretty well and I’m really happy about my second baby. I started taking prenatal yoga, which is great because I haven’t been active enough and it feels so good to get back into some sort of exercise. I’m also trying to take a lot more time off from the computer, just because it zaps my energy and it causes nausea when I look at the screen for too long. I suppose this is not a bad thing. It had forced me to find ways to work more effectively and actually spend time doing things outside of the computer. (With that said, sorry if I  haven’t been commenting as much… but I really enjoy your company here and hope to get back into my game soon!) 

My husband and my mother have been a HUGE help with taking care of Hayden – really can’t appreciate them enough!!! But as difficult as it is to take care of Hayden myself sometimes, I’m also really enjoying this time alone with her. In another 6 months, our lives will totally change and the dynamic of our family will be different. I just really want to cherish this time I have with her.

My little Hayden is also turning 2 tomorrow!!! It’s so crazy how these two years just flew right by. I can still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, and it was the most amazing feeling ever. I just don’t know if anybody can ever describe that feeling, but I’m really looking forward to feeling that again when we meet our second baby.

So what’s next? Well, I guess we’ll be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl in a few short weeks. What do I want? To be honest, I don’t have a preference. Having a boy will be a whole new experience, but I’d also love to give Hayden a little sister. So really, it’s a toss up for me and I’ll be equally happy either way. What about you? What do you think I’m having? I’m taking bets. :)

Ok, back to some blog stuff.  Come this Monday, I should have something exciting to show you. My redesign for the blog is finally complete and if the testings go smoothly over the weekend, I should be able to share a whole new look on Shop Sweet Things. It’s been a few months process and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for a smooth launch!

Happy Weekend, everyone! Hope you’re all doing something fun! Talk next week, yea?