Surviving My First Trimester (With a Little Tyke!)



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Well, well, well, I finally survived my first trimester and well into my second (15 weeks now to be exact.) This pregnancy hasn’t been easy at all. In fact, I feel a little bit harder this time around. My morning sickness is worse, I get tired a lot faster, my heartburn is kicking in (that didn’t happen with Hayden until the third trimester), and I’m getting the occasional headache which I did not get at all with my first pregnancy. I’m not sure if taking care of a young toddler has to do with any of this, but let’s just say I don’t get the pleasure of taking care of myself first until I take care of another little human being… which can be completely draining!

Aside from all the physical discomforts (sorry, hope I didn’t scare you there :), the bump is doing pretty well and I’m really happy about my second baby. I started taking prenatal yoga, which is great because I haven’t been active enough and it feels so good to get back into some sort of exercise. I’m also trying to take a lot more time off from the computer, just because it zaps my energy and it causes nausea when I look at the screen for too long. I suppose this is not a bad thing. It had forced me to find ways to work more effectively and actually spend time doing things outside of the computer. (With that said, sorry if I  haven’t been commenting as much… but I really enjoy your company here and hope to get back into my game soon!) 

My husband and my mother have been a HUGE help with taking care of Hayden – really can’t appreciate them enough!!! But as difficult as it is to take care of Hayden myself sometimes, I’m also really enjoying this time alone with her. In another 6 months, our lives will totally change and the dynamic of our family will be different. I just really want to cherish this time I have with her.

My little Hayden is also turning 2 tomorrow!!! It’s so crazy how these two years just flew right by. I can still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, and it was the most amazing feeling ever. I just don’t know if anybody can ever describe that feeling, but I’m really looking forward to feeling that again when we meet our second baby.

So what’s next? Well, I guess we’ll be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl in a few short weeks. What do I want? To be honest, I don’t have a preference. Having a boy will be a whole new experience, but I’d also love to give Hayden a little sister. So really, it’s a toss up for me and I’ll be equally happy either way. What about you? What do you think I’m having? I’m taking bets. :)

Ok, back to some blog stuff.  Come this Monday, I should have something exciting to show you. My redesign for the blog is finally complete and if the testings go smoothly over the weekend, I should be able to share a whole new look on Shop Sweet Things. It’s been a few months process and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for a smooth launch!

Happy Weekend, everyone! Hope you’re all doing something fun! Talk next week, yea?




  • I say another girl :D

  • KHZ

    So exciting, Jeanne! So happy for you! I think it’s a …. boy! :) xx

  • Shelly

    its a boy!  and Happy Birthday to Hayden!!!

  • Wow, so much exciting news in this one post. Except for the feeling sick part…Sorry, Jeanne. I think my sickness finally went away around 16 weeks with little e. (Fingers x) I think you’re on the right track…Just keep taking care of yourself and spending special time with H. Can’t wait to see the new site design! (Fingers crossed again that all goes smoothly.)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jeanne!
    PS~Hm, I’m going to guess another girl. I have a 50-50 chance, right? Though, I’m usually wrong about these things. ;)

  • Ashley Lovett

    Hayden is so precious, Jeanne! What a doll.


  • i’m sorry to hear that your second one is giving you a tougher time, but hearing from my friends that seems to be the case! either way congrats! a lot of people have been having boys this year…so i say…”it’s a boy!!” as for the blog….i can’t wait to see the new look and hope you have a smooth launch!! happy friday jeanne!!

  • Ah, so exciting!!! Congrats, had no idea! 

  • What an exciting to for you and your family! I was a bit older than Hayden, but I definitely remember my mom’s pregnancy with my sister fondly and really treasure the time I got to spend with my parents before we became a family of 4. She’ll be so excited to be a big sister!

  • 1smileygirl

    The second time around it does get a bit harder but easier because you sort of know what to expect. I hope it gets easier for you but like you said, enjoy this time with Hayden. I sometimes look back at when it was just me and my oldest but now, it’s so mich fun (hectic and crazy but fun)! :)

  • Congrats again!  And Happy Birthday to Hayden.  I’ll guess girl.  But if I was around you, I might guess better.  My second pregnancy has been worse too.  I only have 3 months left to meet Max’s little sister!  I kind of hope it goes slow.  I have lots to do!

    I look forward to seeing your resdesign.  Who did you use?


    • Aww, must be so exciting being in your last trimester! For the redesign, I just did it between me and my husband but hired a freelance developer with all the coding. :) 

  • Aww congrats! I hope you have a girl because I have a little sister 2 years younger than me and I love the relationship I have with her…so I’d want Hayden to have the same thing! haha xo

  • Marie @etincellestudio

    Congrats again Jeanne! You look fab as always… my second pregnancy has been way easier than the first one. What really helped me keep in shape was walking at least 3 times a week for minimum 45 mins. Give it a try, it works wonder (I put on only 9kgs the 2nd time vs 17kgs the 1st time).

  • Alecia

    So cute. Where is your shirt from?

  • Absolutely love these pics – especially the first one. You’re glowing!