Summertime Fun #1: Hayden & Taylor’s Shadow Puppet Show



Hey you, ready for July 4th? Me too! :)

This summer, I’ve partnered with Snyder’s of Hanover on a 4-part series to share what I’ll be doing with my kids for the next two months. I’m really excited about this because this gives me a chance to be creative as well as plan out my summer with the family!

Since Hayden has been hanging out more with her cousin, Taylor, I thought it’d be fun to put on a little party for the kids- even if it’s just for the two of them. It only takes two to tango, right? I asked Taylor’s mom (which is my cousin), Gloria, to help with some party ideas. She’s a successful event/wedding planner and I trust her entirely to come up with great ideas. We decided on the concept of doing a Shadow Puppet Show and having a concession stand where the girls can “pretend” to sell pretzel snacks! Isn’t that cute or what?

Our girls seriously had so much fun! They love to dress up and pretend-play at this age, so needless to say, this summer party was a success! Even Baby Hadley got into the party mode!


Chalkboard art c/o my talented cousin, Gloria!


Glitter gold & silver scallop garlands by Steph Loves Ben. Hanging stars are DIY by Gloria and I.



Got these cool set of shadow puppet here.


To prep snacks for the kid’s concession stand, I went to Snyder’s of Hanover Pinterest board for some quick and easy recipes.

I loved this one called the “Grilled Cheese Snaps“. It’s the easiest and cutest snack ever! The checkerboard shape and size make it ideal for stacking and easy for the kids to pop in their mouths. You can serve it cold or pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds to melt the cheese! It’s yummy!



I also drizzled chocolate and sprinkles over Honey Wheat Pretzels to make “Chocolate Sprinkle Sticks”. Lastly, I served the Cinnamon Sugar Sweet & Salty Pieces right out of the bags. It’s packed with flavors already so it really saves me time, and it is so good I couldn’t stop nibbling on them myself!


The kids couldn’t wait to get the party started!



I mean, these faces?!! | Tops by Tutu Du Monde.







The concession stand! Pretty tassels by Studio Mucci. We used a few on the balloons too!



Hadley played along and pretended as a customer, so funny! She’s so advance these days by hanging out with the older girls!




Hadley got her snacks and is a happy customer! :)



I admire my cousin Gloria so much! She’s like the older sister I never had. We grew up together at a young age too and it’s incredible that we are now both mothers and are going through similar stages in life.

Another little secret I’ve been wanting to reveal is that Gloria and I are also starting a new business adventure together! Eeeeeks, can’t believe I’m telling you this! We’re still in the midst of planning (like, a LOT of planning), so all I can tell you is that the business will be in the “party” space. It will be really exciting for us the day it launches, and I’ll make sure you’ll be the first to know! :)




I hope you enjoyed this little party with Hayden and Taylor! If this didn’t make you squeal, I don’t know what will!? :)

Until next time! Have a happy 4th, everyone! xo Jeanne

This post is kindly sponsored by Snyder’s of Hanover – America’s favorite pretzel bakery since 1909. All opinions shared here are my own. Be sure to visit the Snyder’s of Hanover Facebook Page to vote for your “America’s Summertime Favorite Activity” and be entered to win $10,000. Thank you so much for supporting my sponsor and letting me share my summer with you!

Beautiful photography by the talented Ashley Batz.