Summertime Fun #4 | Modern Princess Party – Hayden Turns 4!


Hayden Bday_AB-0044

I knew this day would come when Hayden asked me to throw her a princess party.

We celebrated Hayden’s 4th birthday recently, and I wasn’t sure about doing a traditional princess themed party. However, I thought it would be neat to combine a style that mommy would approve. After all, our birthdays are only eight days apart, so in some ways, it was my birthday party too.

I again turned to my talented cousin, Gloria, for party ideas (remember this last one we did together?) I told her I’ve always wanted to do a kids hip hop party, but I know this idea wouldn’t fly with Hayden because she is insanely attached to her princesses right now. I just knew if I threw her something completely different she may be disappointed. So, what is a cool mom to do?

The answer is… throw in lots of neons, graffiti doodles, and mouth-watering snacks!


For the neons, we mostly DIY by spray painting princess figurines and adding neon accents throughout our decor using washi tapes, neon ribbons, neon wrapping paper, and neon acrylic paints.

Hayden Bday_AB-9906

modern princess party

Hayden Bday_AB-9976

Hayden Bday_AB-9981

Graffiti doodle adds an urban touch. Hand-drawn cake by local bakery Pretty Please!


Hayden Bday_AB-9959


DIY party hats – you can find the template via Oh Happy Day and then you can design it any way you want.

Hayden Bday_AB-9917

Sweet treats… all the delicious cupcakes, cookies, and macarons are also from Pretty Please. They did such an amazing job on customizing all my treats!

Hayden Bday_AB-0178

Hayden Bday_AB-9924

Hayden Bday_AB-9921

Last but not least, crowd pleasing dips are always a hit with the adults. I served it with Snyder’s of Hanover White Corn Tortilla Chips and Pretzel Spoonz.

Hayden Bday_AB-0290

George prepped three yummy dips: smoked salmon spread, watermelon salsa, and avocado dipThe shapes and crunch of the chips and pretzels were great for dipping and were equally good when eaten on their own.

Hayden Bday_AB-0002

Hayden Bday_AB-0003

We invited all of our siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews to spend the day with Hayden. It was just the perfect way to celebrate! With the 80’s hip hop playing on our Jambox and neon princesses everywhere, this modern princess party was a success! A huge thanks to Gloria for coming up with the concept and making Hayden feel like the coolest princess ever.

Hayden Bday_AB-0058

Meet our other princess in the family ~ princess Hadley! She’s acting quite mischievous at 18 months-old and copies everything her sister does.

Modern Princess party

Hayden Bday_AB-0145

Hayden Bday_AB-0236

Hayden Bday_AB-0383

Hayden Bday_AB-0088

Hayden Bday_AB-0335

Hayden Bday_AB-0211

Hayden Bday_AB-0272 Hayden Bday_AB-0362

Hayden Bday_AB-0461

modern princess party

Hayden Bday_AB-0521

Hayden Bday_AB-0531 copy

Hayden Bday_AB-0538 copy

Hayden Bday_AB-0037

I have so much love for this baby girl!! She is blossoming into such a beautiful, smart little girl and I only look forward to spending many more years with her. Happiest 4th birthday to you, my princess Hayden! I know I will look back at this post and cry one day.

xo Jeanne

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Photography by Ashley Batz

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