Star of the Blog


When you have a new baby, it’s hard not to make her the star of the blog…

Happy 10 weeks old to my sweet, little Hadley!

Even though you’ve been somewhat difficult lately, like killing my back from carrying you all day long while mommy is trying to hustle and blog and not drop crumbs on your head while I eat, I love you (and your sister) more than you’ll ever know! I love all the cooing and gurgling sound you’re making these days, as if you’re already trying to talk to me! And it melts my heart that I’m the only person you look for in a room… though mommy can use a break sometimes, you know. I’m so excited and curious to see what type of a little person you will become of. And while I look forward to you taking your first steps and making new best friends, I know I will miss you in my baby carrier like crazy! For now, I’ll try not to complain. :) 

Thanks everyone for reading this week! Hope you all have a Good Friday & happy Easter weekend! xo Jeanne

Video from Viddy (my first video attempt on the blog. hopefully there’ll be more to come!)  

Special thanks ~  organic baby onesie & blanket by Serena & Lily, eco-friendly baby care line by Live Clean (Baby), lovely bedding by Crane & Canopy.