Shop Sweet Baby 04 | Baby Registry Edition


shop sweet baby | baby registry edition

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I remember how exciting and surreal that feeling was thinking myself as a new and expecting “mom”! But it was also daunting exploring a whole new world of baby. Figuring out what that tiny little person needs and creating that baby registry was no easy task. Now that I’m a mother of 2, I feel much more confident when a new mom asks me what to put on that registry. Aside from the essentials like baby onesiesbottles and lots of Aquaphor, I thought the following items would add nicely to the registry checklist.

1. Giggle Better Basics Muslin Sleeping Bag (Organic Cotton), $28. Babies tend to kick off their blankets when they sleep, and these sleeping bags have kept my babies from being cold at night. I love the breathable and soft fabric – keeps the babies warm without making them feel stuffy. 

2. Serena & Lily Fouta Hooded Towel, $38. Stylish and soft, this bath towel is fast-absorbent and the hood keeps baby’s head warm right out of the bath. 

3. Bugaboo Bee Stroller, $649. I love that this stroller is compact enough for me to handle. It’s not too heavy and clunky, and it’s great for city parents! You can always change the color of the hood too. 

4. Etiquette Baby Socks, $65. The baby will be in socks more than in shoes for the first year. It’s probably wise to stock up on some nice socks for those adorable feet. 

5. Crane Air Drop Humidifier, $49.99. I picked a simple and versatile style. When your baby gets sick or stuffy nose, he or she will likely end up sleeping in your bedroom, and so will the humidifier. It’s better to get a simple design because it won’t compete with the overall decor of your home (as oppose to, say, a Hello Kitty one – even though those are cute and irresistible).


6. 4 Moms Infant Tub, $49.99. Handling that little body in the bath tub was the hardest thing for me in the beginning. Therefore, having a bath tub that safely secure the baby is essential. 

7. Trumpette Inflatable Bouncy Cow, $40. While you’re stocking up on onesies, diapers, baby wipes, bottles, and so on, you tend to watch the budget on non-essential things – like decor and toys. Put your favorite piece on your registry and let your friends & family spoil your baby. We have this bouncy cow as a decor and a toy piece and both of our girls love it! 

8. Oeuf Sparrow Convertible Crib, $760. Your baby will grow out of that crib before you know it, so it’s smart to go for a crib that converts to a toddler bed for longer use. 

9. Ergo Baby Carrier, $127.99. My husband and I both love carrying our babies and a good baby carrier goes a long way. 

10. Cloud b ‘Sleep Sheep’, $28. The magic of white noise is incredible once I had babies! This cute cuddly ‘Sleep Sheep’ has helped sooth both of our babies to sleep for many nights. 

As to “where” you should create your baby registry – I highly recommend signing up for Amazon Baby Registry. My favorite feature is that you can add all of your favorite products anywhere from the web onto Amazon. This way, you are creating a ‘One-Stop Shop Baby Registry’ for your family and friends – so convenient! And trust me, they will thank you for that. You can also get 10% off everything at the end of your registry or 15% off if you are an Amazon mom!


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