The San Francisco Treat + I’m Off To Montreal!


The San Francisco Treat

Yes, I’m sort of a geeky mom. I like to dress my little Hayden in these touristy San Francisco t-shirts… I like to think we’re just showing our SF love! I picked up this cute little one from my friend’s shop, 4Fifteen. He usually has a booth in all major SF street festivals and we recently got this one from the Cherry Blossom festival. I loved it the moment I saw it. I mean, seriously, isn’t Hayden the ultimate San Francisco Treat?! Am I biased? Totally am! :)

We’re jetting off to Montreal tomorrow! I can’t even tell you how excited I am. And thanks to this friend and this friend, I’m all set with my to-dos in Montreal. They pretty much saved me money from those tourist guide books by sending me a long list of great restaurants and shops. Love getting recommendations from real people!

I haven’t even started packing nor planning what to pack! I’m kind of a last minute packer, though I do have some essentials in mind. I usually like to make a check list of everything and then wake up extra early to put everything in the suitcase. I feel like that has been the most effective for me. What about you?

Well, for the next few days my posts will be super light (have you heard of picture blogging?) But starting Monday, I have a great line-up of guest posts, so rest assured you’ll be inspired by some of my favorite people around the web!

Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone! I’ll see you in Montreal! xo