Playdate 06 | Jennine Jacob at Heath Ceramics



Happy Wednesday, friends! Welcome to my playdate. I can’t believe I’ve been running this series for 6 months now. When I look back on the first one, so much has already changed! Especially the kids, they look so different in a matter of 6 months! I really love documenting this while doing this series. I’m learning so much from each mom and I hope you’re still enjoying it as much as I do. By the way, did you enjoy the last one at Fish? I’m dying to go back to Sausalito for a relaxing weekend once the holidays is over.

This time around, I invited Jennine Jacob and her adorable 6-months old son, Jasper, out for a playdate. Jennine is the superwoman (supermom now) behind IFB (Independent Fashion Blogger), Eat, Sleep, Denim, and The Coveted. When I first met Jennine, she was still pregnant with Jasper. She was so excited and so ready but had no idea what it will all be like having a child. Especially after building up several successful blogs and running blogger conferences – work, business, and fashion has always been her focus. Now that Jasper came into the picture, I am super curious how she is doing it all! As a former New Yorker, Jennine only has limited help from a nanny (as oppose to having family help like me) and the rest it is all her! She is always well put together, and I am always inspired by women who are family and career driven. So naturally, I invited her out on a playdate and see how she’s juggling everything with her adorable newborn son.


SST: Where is a favorite you like to go with your baby and why? JJ: Jasper really loves to see new things. If I don’t take him for a walk or an adventure everyday he goes bananas… plus it’s also great for getting me out of the house. We like to do lots of different things, but going for a quite walk with a swing at a playground along the way is perfect. Doing walks in the Dog Patch/China Basin area is great, but also doing the Mission walks where I can also catch up on cafes and do a little shopping, like going to Heath Ceramics while getting a cup of Blue Bottle coffee. It’s fun for us both!


SST: What’s the most challenging part to running your blogs/businesses and being a mom? JJ: I’m going through a thing right now, which I hear is common for many women… having a baby changes your priorities. Things that used to be SO important, aren’t as important anymore. My business is really closely related to lifestyle, and my lifestyle changed, so staying authentic while changing has been the biggest challenge. That, and trying to get everything done while the little guy naps.


SST: Has your personal style changed since you had a baby? Well, before I got pregnant, I was living in New York City and working in an office. Now, I live in San Francisco and work at home, and am also a mom. So needless to say, my life has completely changed. Funnily enough, around the time I got pregnant, I was debating buying a pair of Valentino Rockstud shoes (omg… for fashion week, naturally). But chickened out, because at the time I thought the Rockstuds were going to be “so last year.” They’re still an iconic shoe, but where the heck would I wear . But chickened out, because at the time I thought the Rockstuds were going to be “so last year.” They’re still an iconic shoe, but where the heck would I wear them? The playground? What if Jasper did a faceplant on my shoes? Totally dangerous! Ha!

So, there are practical things, like having to wear clothes that I can nurse with (like, no more silk, or no shift dresses) and there are cultural things like wearing jeans instead of pencil skirts and there are practical things like wearing ankle boots instead of pumps. Can you imagine pushing as stroller up a hill wearing stilettos and a leather pencil skirt? Ok, I’ve done it. It’s kind of ridiculous feeling.


SST: Where do you go for tips/advice for motherhood and parenting? JJ: I don’t think I should give advice on parenting! To be honest, I just go with my instincts. Jasper seems happy and healthy, so for now it’s working. Who knows what happens next week!

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SST: Do you own a diaper bag? If so, which one do you use or recommend?JJ: Nope! I just throw a diaper and travel wipes in my handbag or stroller!


SST: Your favorite baby gadget? JJ: There are a couple of things… the Snugabunny Swing is worth its weight in gold. It’s the only thing he will nap in. So to go to #5 don’t take my parenting advice, because they say you shouldn’t let the baby nap in the swing. But… if it’s the only way.

Also, the JJ Cole Agility Wrap is awesome. If you find the Moby Wrap daunting, this is the answer, it fits on like a t-shirt and it’s light weight, you can throw it in your hand bag, wear it under a jacket or sweater and the baby fits snuggly facing forward or back, and it doesn’t hurt your back! And with the price, it’s a no brainer.

The Vuilli Building Blocks are a favorite of Jasper’s… he likes it more than Sophie for picking up and chewing.


SST: What is your favorite thing to do when you have some alone time?JJ: Sleep! Catch up on Scandal.


SST: Do you have any advice on marriage after having kids? JJ: Haha.


SST: Where do you shop for Jasper’s clothes? JJ: It’s so hard to find great boy’s clothes. Seriously, if you go to a kid’s store 80% is for Girls and the boys get a rack. Or two. Now I know why guys complain about “options” and I don’t like to put Jasper into heavily “gendered” clothes, like football shirts or “heartbreaker” type things. So that makes it more difficult! I also don’t like to spend too much because he grows so fast. After going nuts for newborn clothes, and watching him grow out of it in a month, I learned my lesson. So basics, classics, and interchangeable is the key. Zara and H&M are my favorites right now.


SST: What’s next on your agenda – work wise? kids wise? JJ:To be seen! Still figuring it out to be honest!


Thanks so much to Jennine and Jasper for coming out for a playdate! It was so much fun hanging out and catching up… and looking at all the beautiful things at Heath!

See you all with my next playdate in Jan. I’m pretty excited for my next mom! :)

On Me: Splendid plaid zip sweater | Gap heathergrey turtleneck | Fuschia vintage scarf (similar)| Gap black waxed denim | Madewell lonny boots | Phillip Lim for Target handbag. On Hadlely: Kira catgirl onesie | Gap Baby cardigan, denim shorts, stockings | H&M baby patent oxfords

Photography by Ashely Batz