The “Not-So-Obvious” Baby Bag


There were two things I vowed not to buy when I became pregnant with baby H. One, maternity clothes. Two, a baby/diaper bag (call me a rebel, right?) I wasn’t sure what it was about baby bags that didn’t appeal to me. Even the ones that were designed by top designers, I just didn’t want to get one. Perhaps, I wanted a bag that could still function as my everyday bag as baby H gets older. A bag I could still take out to lunch with friends, to meetings and events, to walks at the park, without thinking, oh, I’m carrying a baby bag.

So up to this day, I still rather look for bags that are really roomy and would serve a similar purpose. I might have given up on some compartment parts (which can be easily replaced by these lovely pouches, in my opinion), but there are times in my life where style overrides function.  So here they are, my picks of the “Not-So-Obvious” baby bag:

1. Clare Vivier, Messenger In Red (also comes in black.) 

2. Baggu, Duck Bag in Sailor Stripes (love this one in coral too.)

3. Fleabags, Rugby Salt Bag in Cognac (or the original Flea in Woodland).

4. Yadouga, Margot Tote  

5. Forever 21, Center Shoulder Bag 

6. Gap, Colorblock Tote (I can use one in this color too.) 

  • #5 was my favorite! And as I scrolled there you were wearing it!! I love the photo of you and your little girl she is so cute and we all know who she gets her great style from.


    • Jeanne

      Aww, thanks Margot! You got styles yourself for picking #5 :) Hope to see you soon! xo 

  • omg i want to eat her. im italian we eat babies.

    • Jeanne

      Hahaha! I do enjoying putting my mouth on her chubby thighs sometimes :) 

  • 1smileygirl

    Great post.  In the beginning, I had the most hideous diaper bags and when it was just me and only one child, I slowly switched to bags that weren’t an actual diaper bag either.  Now with my two boys, I’ve one with a bag that is very versatile and yet it is designed as a diaper bag, but you couldn’t really tell (at least I wouldn’t say so).  I am loving though the options you posted especially the Baggu ones. I might end up buying a few. :)

    • Jeanne

      Yay, so awesome to hear that you think the Baggu bags will work with more than just one kid. Would love to see what you end up purchasing! 

  • Fenny Setiawan

    lovely and stylish mommy as always. Loving your bag, dear.

  • Funny, I made those 2 vows to myself but still succumbed to them out of necessity. At least I don’t carry the diaper bag regularly (it’s reserved for daycare). I love your picks! :)

  • Yellowfinchdesigns

    i’ll take one of each! you look stunning…as always ;) 

  • Eli

    Not a mom myself obvs but I would wear any of these bags!! And I feel like it’s probably really nice to treat yourself like this and it makes you feel good about yourself when being a mom can be so stressful at times.

  • Adorable post, your daughter is so darling! Well, I think all these bags hit the point of not being obvious baby diaper bags because I’m not a mommy and I would totally rock any of these bags. Love the Clare Vivier and F21 bags!

  • You and the kiddo look tres adorable. That is all.

  • Trina

    Great picks. I am all about the non-diaper bag diaper bag.  Have the CV Messenger and adore it.  Great post…I’m keeping it on file :)
    XO Trina

  • lauren

    such a chic mom you are!

  • gosh, my sentiments exactly! I went through 2 pregnancies and I’m thrilled to say, not a baby bag or preggie outfit in sight! Lol.
    I’m mad about no. 4 and 6. Actually all are pretty darn cute!