Do The MT! – Masking Tape DIY


So who hasn’t fallen in love with those whimsical MT yet- aka masking tape or Japanese washi tape? They come in so many colors and patterns, it’s almost hard not to buy them all! I bought a set of neons myself but haven’t put it to good use. So, when I saw these images over at Rachelle’s from Kenziepoo (one of my fave blogs lately!), I knew I had to try it with baby H’s room. I love that it can look so cool in a kids room yet not having the commitment of putting so many holes in the wall (cause you know, a toddler’s room is ever changing!) I’ve decided that my latest mission with baby H is to look for some cute artwork (maybe make a few ourselves) and do it up with some MT! Should be a fun, little project!

  • I love this idea! For a while now we’ve been using painter’s tape to hang up the kids’ artwork because it sticks really well and comes off really easy (no marks). BUT, it only comes in blue (that we’ve found). So, using Japanese washi tape is the perfect solution. Thanks for all the beautiful examples above.

  • i love this idea! so simple!
    i had some gold masking tape when i was in korea that was just lying around.
    now i know exactly how i can put them to use :)

  • Fenny Setiawan

    love MT, always :)

  • Tara Johnson

    Jeanne, I love this idea!  Although the OCD perfectionist in me might not be able to handle it, but you’re right a toddler room might be perfect.  Max is just starting to enter that phase.  I’ve also seen (and use in my art classroom) art hanging on wires.  BTW, y’all should make your own art and share!  I can’t wait until Max wants to make art instead of eating his art supplies.